Friday, October 8, 2010

Wake Up!

Why are some people falling for the games the Republicans are playing? Can’t you see what they are doing? Nothing is good enough unless it’s their idea; nothing is good enough if they lose a fight, and finally, the Republicans are trying to play some of us for fools. They are banking on the idea that people will fall for their act.

Health Care Reform was an excellent idea; however, the Republicans want to plant the idea in our heads that it was a terrible idea. Why? It’s simple. They weren’t the ones that succeeded in getting it done. These are the same people that were against Social Security and Medicare. Take a look at the amount of people that are benefiting from Social Security and Medicare. Take that away, and you will see how people react. There is no doubt in my mind that the Republicans are pissed off that they weren’t the ones that got Health Care Reform passed. It is eating them alive.

Show me the real polls that state the majority of Americans are against Health Care Reform. It is not the people that are unemployed and are seeking coverage due to the loss of health insurance. It is not struggling college kids that are happy to be covered on their parent’s plan a little longer. It is not those individuals who were turned down for health coverage because they had a preexisting condition.

If Health Care Reform was such a bad thing, why are the Republicans proposing to amend it after dismantling it all together? Do you see where I am going with this? The Republicans are campaigning against “Obama Care,” and at the same time, they are lining up to benefit from the very plan they attack. Wait a minute. I thought health care reform was a bad thing says the Republicans. Check this article out: Some states suing feds also claim health subsidies. If they are so against health reform, why are they signing up to benefit from the subsidies? I told you health care reform was a good thing. The Republicans seem to think so, but they won’t tell you that however. Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Those town hall meetings that were disrupted about a year ago were staged by big corporations namely Koch Industries and others. They staged rallies with huge prints on buses that stated “Hands off My health Care.” Here is the kicker, Koch Industries applied and was approved for subsidies courtesy of “Obama Care.” I thought health care reform was such a horrible idea. Apparently, that’s not the case with these Republicans.

When Obama took office, the country was extremely divided. He was faced with two wars that were grossly mismanaged and started for the wrong reasons. He was faced with the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Health care and education were in dire need of revamping, and finally, Obama was faced with a mounting deficit courtesy of the Bush Administration. If Obama had not taken any measures, things would have been a hell of a lot worse. Most of us were affected, some worse than others. Progress is slow, and I know that frustrates many of us, but guess what? Would you prefer to go back to 8 years of the same old nonsense?

The Republicans want to maintain the Bush tax cuts for the very rich. They are trying to convince us that giving the rich huge tax cuts will spur job growth. If that were the case, why did the economy spiral out of control? Do Lehman Brothers, AIG, and a slew of other companies ring a bell? Lehman Brothers failed. Others sought bailouts. Do we really want to go back to the way things were? That is the very thing the Republicans are proposing. The Republicans have nothing to show for the eight years they were in office. Oops! There was a huge deficit, and the economy was in free fall when they left office. They have been disruptive throughout the Obama Administration in that their answers to everything was “no.” They offered no solutions, and yet they expect people to trust them enough to be in charge. I don’t think so.

The strangest thing is that the very things Obama accomplished, and opposed by the Republicans, are the same things the Republicans are campaigning on. If those things were so horrible, why are they campaigning on those ideas? It goes to show that Obama is succeeding. Progress is slow, but things are looking up. The Republicans are riding Obama’s coattail without giving him credit. When the Economic Stimulus was passed, the Republicans were against it. They were so against it that Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, handed out “Publishers Clearing House” style fake checks, with his name on them, and distributed them around Louisiana to make it appear as if the federal stimulus money was coming from him. Now, this is the same Republican that opposed the stimulus. Quite a few other law makers did the same thing. They opposed the stimulus and proceeded to hand out fake checks and then take credit for it. Another law maker, Rep. Phil Gingrey, of Georgia, who publicly opposed the stimulus package, handed out Publishers Clearing House” style fake checks, from the stimulus money, to the people of Cedar Town, GA. He too made it appear as if the stimulus check was his idea. Again, Gingrey vehemently opposed the stimulus package. He said, and I quote, “the vaulted Democratic Stimulus Bill has failed to stimulate anything but bureaucrats.” Why did he take the stimulus money then?

The federal deficit is slightly down by 8%. Check out the article here.
If tax cuts for the rich expire, that would help to keep the deficit down. The Republicans are concerned with the deficit only when it suits their purpose. They want to extend tax cuts for the rich, permanently. This would be turning back the clock to what got us into this economic mess in the first place. The middle and working class need the tax cuts more than the rich. With all the tax shelters out there, the rich don’t even pay their fair share of taxes, and they have the nerve to complain.

The Republicans are planning a government shutdown just so they can have things go their way. If they don’t get what they want, they cry like little babies and throw a tantrum. They didn’t do anything to aid in the failing economy, and instead of trying to do something constructive for the people of this country, they are threatening to take away their livelihood by shutting down the government. If the gov’t shuts down, things would get worse than they are right now. People on Social Security and Medicare would not get their checks. No one would get unemployment. Gov’t workers would not get paid nor receive benefits. Cops on the beat that protect the neighborhood would not get paid. Tell me, how does that benefit the people? It’s just selfish and self serving if you ask me.

We can all make a difference by getting out and vote November 2nd, 2010.
Fired up! Fired up! Fired up!

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