Thursday, October 21, 2010

Republicans Suppressing Black & Latino Votes

According to the Republicans, only white Americans matter to them. They don’t want blacks or Latinos to vote. They will do everything in their powers to prevent minorities from voting. They have repeatedly said that they want America back. “Well, they want to go there? Who the hell built America?” Slaves built America. There! I said it. It sickens me to hear some of the things out of these people’s mouths.

The Republican Party is dispatching poll watchers at minority polling stations, and these so called poll watchers intimidate voters. This is not new for the Republican Party. They have been doing this for years. Please read the following article: Mark Kirk Suppressing the Black Vote.

You will also get a kick out of this clip: Rachel Maddow on suppressing the black votes.

Another group of people whose votes Republicans want to suppress are the Latino voters: Robert De Posada, former Republican associate & probably still is, telling Latinos not to vote.

Do not let anyone prevent you from voting. If you witness any such act, please call your local TV stations and expose them. Please do not call Fox News or their affiliates because you cannot get any more racist than those jackasses over at Fox News.

We did not come this far to have some bigots stop us from doing what must be done. Let us show up in record numbers, on Nov 2nd, and vote. Are you with me? 


  1. We made it through slavery and the Civil Rights Movement, so I am sure that we can spare a few minutes to vote. Let us show those racist Republicans that we will no longer put up with their bull shit.

    Everybody, vote on November 2nd.

  2. Why can't anyone stop them?

    Vote, people, vote!

  3. The DEMS will be dispatching volunteers to targeted areas.

    It is shameful that the Republicans are so extreme.

    I don't get why some are willing to give them a third chance. They were given 8 years. All they care about are rich folks. The Republicans don't care about the middle or working class familes. They only care if you support their extreme racist views.