Saturday, July 21, 2012

Was the Batman Massacre a Staged Terror Plot?

What do Gabriel Gifford, Trayvon Martin, and the latest Colorado shooting have in common? They all involve guns. The perps were mind controlled. I think these incidents were politically motivated in that whoever staged these incidents wanted to start the debate on gun control. When Bill Clinton was president, he pushed the Brady Bill through. That bill was meant to prevent gun violence. After the bill was passed, the Republicans took control of the House and Senate. Notice that neither Obama nor Romney will discuss the topic of gun control. The NRA has Congress in their pockets. They have lobbyists all over the place. It's sad that nothing can get done in Washington because of these lobbyists. 

Here is a video and an article that are focusing on what I am thinking. I was having this same discussion with a friend, and then I got the email with the following links:

Alex Jones: Is Batman Massacre Staged Terror?

Here is an article on that same topic

Speaking of staged terror plots, check out the mysterious deaths of these 9/11 witnesses


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