Saturday, July 28, 2012

Update on the Colorado Shooting

Well, more and more people are waking up to the fact that there is something off with the Colorado shooting. Here is an article on the topic:

Denver Shooting Appears to be an Organized Operation

Here is an update by David Wilcock:

I also found out, from insider contacts, that James Holmes was NOT supposed to have ended up in court, alive, pleading amnesia and looking totally disoriented.
The Cabal is horrified by the fact that this was a "botched job", and so many people are waking up to the idea of mind control that it is becoming widely known -- and only hastening their downfall.
There are plenty of movies that spell out how this is done -- and the public is waking up to it much faster than they ever had expected.
Other significant events have happened as well. Since returning from Chicago I have needed to stop and breathe, get some sleep and live a normal life for a few days.
I am getting close to being rested up enough to dive back in to complex production work like this again -- and my goal is to publish as soon as certain issues work themselves out and find resolution."
 Here is a link with another perspective, and it also shows a side by side photo of the supposed James Holmes. At the bottom of the blog, there is a much better side by side view. Here is the link:

Blood Sacrifice at Aurora & the London Olympics

Here is another link: Colorado Massacre Linked to Historic Bank Fraud


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