Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Had Another Synchronicity

I can't believe that I had to create a blog just to make this post. As you can see, most of the info presented aren't even my own words. #SMH

Here is another sync I had after finish reading "Beyond 2012" by Wes Penre (WP):

I saw this article:  Remote Control of the Mind – Over the Internet

As soon as I saw the article, I thought of Wes Penre's writings, so I posted the link on Wes Penre's wall. 

Here is Wes Penre's reply:

That's pretty interesting, because they are not even trying to be secret about it. Good post! I read something yesterday; somebody thought it was a mistake by the Global Elite to allow the Internet to expand like it has, because we are using it against them.  This is true to a large extent, except it was no mistake. Something to ponder would be if the ETs actually set it up in order to monitor us and learn all about our social behavior. How do people all around the world socialize with each other in the 21st Century? What would they talk about? Their main interest? How easy can we manipulate them as a global society? How far can we go?  The Internet is a great study on this subject. "Let them write whatever they want (more or less), because we want to know", so to speak. Then they can add things as they go along, such as what is in the article you posted, Anne.

I'm so loving these syncs.

P & L,

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