Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Meditation & Local Sidereal Time (LST)

I decided to blog the following information because the character limit on the Divine Cosmos blog is 1,000.

David Wilcock (DW) has mentioned to us, in a previous blog, that we should meditate for peace.  It's more important than ever to start meditating. Please protect yourselves by doing this first before meditating:

Protecting Yourselves During Meditation

Please take a look at this article by Wes Penre of "Illuminati News:"

Superstrong, Telepathic - the Bionic Soldiers of the Future

Here is another interesting one: 2045: A New Era for Humanity

^ Under "Editor's Note:" Please click the link to read the papers. It has a slew of information that I find very interesting. Here is the link to the papers for your convenience: The Third Level of Learning Paper #9 

I thought Wes Penre had stopped writing after he had written the Wes Penre Papers, the first ones. I decided to Google his name because I came across an old bookmark of his previous page.

Speaking of meditating, do you remember when I said that DW mentioned, in his "Wisdom Teachings" vid, that the best time to meditate is to use Local Sidereal Time (LST)? According to DW, it increases our ESP abilities. Well, there is some truth to that. When I use the time, during meditation, my vibrations feel a lot stronger, and I find that when I think of something that I really want, it really does happen, so be careful of the thoughts you put out. 

I have also sensed what someone is going to do before the person does it. Don't get me wrong. I don't sit around trying to figure out people's thoughts. I only use it if it's beneficial at the time. I have only done it with my hubby so far, and with my boss. Most of you may think it works because I know their habits. For some reason, this has nothing to do with their habits. It has more to do with me listening to my inner voice. 

I think most of us have that ability, ESP that is. It's just that we do not listen to our inner voices enough. Meditating will help us to pay more attention to our inner voices and help to increase our intuition making it stronger. Don't forget about those junk DNA that's embedded in each of us. I believe that most of us are awakened, but some, I'm afraid, are still in denial. 

When I initially posted this, some of you may not have seen it. For those who did not see the link for LST that DW mentioned, in his "Wisdom Teachings" vid, here it is again:  Local Sidereal Time (LST).  Here is the link to the clock that does the conversion:  LST Time Clock Conversion.

For the link that DW gave for LST, enter your city and state, if you don't know the Longitude. For the time clock, you can change the date, time, and location. That's how you are able to manipulate the time so that you can gauge the LST. 

I should warn you that the time clock is on Eastern Standard Time (EST), so each time I enter my location, I change the time 1 hour ahead, since it's Daylight Savings Time (DST) currently.  

I'll explain how to use the conversion since I did not initially explain it. Chalk it up to the word limit, and I did not feel like blogging at the time.  Anyway, since you can change the time, keep inputting a time until you see the LST # from the link DW had given us in his "Wisdom Teaching" vid. The link is above. 

For example, at the time of typing this, the LST is 00:46. I got this from the link DW provided.  I then went to the time clock, inputted my location & the time. The LST has passed for me, because according to the time clock, I should have been meditating at 8:15 AM, but since it's only 9:15 AM, I could still get away w/ meditating, because it's only 1 hour away. I have done that b/f, and the vibrations were still strong. That's the easiest way I know to explain it. BTW, it should be now clear that 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, etc, means 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, etc.

If your LST has passed, you may have to wait until the next day. It doesn't mean that you can't meditate, though. The vibrations won't be as strong. That's all.

"Use your inner guidance, trust your intuition and work on your OWN spiritual development. That’s the way to cruise through these confusing times, as I see it."  ~Wes Penre~

Peace & Love,


  1. Thanks for the links Anne, I'm really enjoying the video on plants talking to each other. Sorry to say I'm not presently a meditator..guess that is spelled wrong! Seems like a lot of effort to find the "right/correct" time to meditate, I always thought that deep meditation suspended the illusion of time, and that meditation has nothing to do with said illusion. Anyway, if you enjoy it and derive peace of mind from doing it, I sure can't see any harm in it.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Blaze.

    I am currently reading Wes Penre's papers. I have always liked his work. He cuts through the BS.