Sunday, March 10, 2013

Analyzing Our Synchronous Experiences

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert in this area. I did some research, and I just wanted to share what I have found.

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that come into our lives when we least expect them. They normally happen at random. They are unplanned, and they are unexpected. Nothing happens by accident; therefore, there is no such thing as a coincidence.

Pay special attention to any event or clue that happen three or more times. Look for patterns and repeated themes within the event(s). Most of the time the messages we receive are symbolic and we need to decipher them.

Here is an example of an ‘Event’ type synchronicity: I was talking to a friend of mine about a specific brand of toothpaste and how the store I normally frequent no longer carries it. Two days later, I was at the subway trying to catch my train. I looked at the wall, and there was a major ad campaign for that same specific brand of toothpaste I was discussing with my friend. The ad was not there the day before. The wall was bare. I then suddenly realized that I was just having a conversation with my friend about that same brand of toothpaste. I didn’t think anything of it. I just thought that it was weird at the time.

Synchronous events often come when we least expect them, and we need to learn how to listen to the guidance.

Draw a line across a piece of paper. This is your lifeline. Let’s say it represents the last 20 years of your life. Start at the beginning, to the left of the line. Draw a mark through it. List an event underneath the mark, that has had a major impact on your life, or the direction it took. The event has to have come about unexpectedly without any planning. Keep listing those major events until you reach the present time.

Think about how all those major events came about. Look for clues, patterns, and things that seem to materialize out of nowhere, but are related to your question. Look for messages that are symbolic or the words of a song that pop up after asking God or your angels a question. Watch out for an unexpected phone call; finding a letter, or a picture; hearing a voice in your head; a dream that is related to your question, or a vision that appears in your head while meditating. Be alert for medium or major synchronous events that have unexpectedly unfold.

Examples of major events:

>You had a major health crisis in 1991.
>A friend of yours gave you a book that led to a major spiritual awakening in 1992.
>An old friend of yours called you out of the blue, for a job offer, in a different state in 1993.
>You moved to a different state, and your interview was a success, and you were hired in 1993.

Always keep in mind that when things go smoothly and fall into place, you have most likely made the right choice and the right event has come into your life. When our decisions or efforts run into resistance or roadblocks, seriously re-examine the choices you have made, or the false alarm, guiding event that has come into your life. The correct guidance is always loving and has our best interests in mind. The wrong guidance generally arouses feelings of fear or guilt.

When we reflect on the unexpected events and guidance that come into our lives, on a regular basis, these kinds of divine, mysterious experiences, should truly make us think and wonder what's behind them.

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