Sunday, June 3, 2012

This Man Died for Simply Telling the Truth

There are 9 parts to this story. You can watch them at your leisure.

William Cooper & His Death Part 1

William Cooper & His Death Part 2

William Cooper & His Death Part 3

William Cooper & His Death Part 4

William Cooper & His Death Part 5

William Cooper & His Death Part 6

William Cooper & His Death Part 7

William Cooper & His Death Part 8

William Cooper & His Death Part 9

You may also find this movie interesting. It also reveals what is leading up to the end of 2012:

Aquarius - The Age of Evil (Full Movie)

This is a lot to take in, so view at your leisure. Just mark the spot where you left off and FF when you get back to watching it.



  1. Thanks for posting these Cooper tapes. I remember seeing something from in the late ninety's, but then nothing.

    Come see me at
    and leave a short comment, that's the only way I have of telling if someone has visited.

    This is Blaze from Wilcocks site.

    1. Glad you could stop by, Blaze.

      I heard that William Cooper's Book, "Beyond a Pale Horse," was one of the books that started the ball rolling and got more and more people to come out and tell what they knew about 9/11. Many people who spoke out on the topic were ridiculed. What some people don't realize is that 9/11 was planned even before it happened. It's a very complex story, which will be another blog topic.

  2. The title of William Cooper's book is "Behold a Pale Horse." Sorry about that.

  3. Contrary to what Criss Angel implies, that nobody could have predicted 9-11, there are hundreds of people who could have predicted it, if not thousands. Many of the elite of America were told not to fly that day. Marvin Bush, the president’s brother, along with Wurt Walker, their cousin, were in charge of security through their parent company, SECURECOM, for the WTC, United Airlines, and American Airlines, and their contract ended on September 11, 2001. Untold numbers of the world’s elite, but especially the Rockefellers and the Rothschild clans, along with the elite of the luciferian inspired illuminati families would know, because of the endless ‘fingerprints left behind’ and demonstrated on this site. (See page 25, its RIGHT ON THE MONEY, that shows conclusively, that the WTC attack was planned long before the attack took place).

    The crews that were required to go into the WTC buildings for weeks before the attack, and who cut the beams at the sacred 45 degree / 135 degree angles, and set the explosive charges, or as some suggest, the use of directed energy, also knew. This angle of 135 degrees is the inside angle of the octagon, the angle of the STOP sign. This will be shown in later pages to reveal what the next 9-11 is, and that even now, is in progress. The beams supporting the WTC buildings were cut at 45 degrees. When you subtract 45 degrees from a straight line beam of 180 degrees, the difference is 135 degrees. 135 degrees is the number of the fabricated luciferian deity, as it coincides with the number 3 on the clockface shown on this site.

    ~~~^>_.^~~~ Thanks